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How to Get Brighter, Younger Looking Eyes in Weeks

Smooth skin and a radiant complexion are one of the most coveted signs of youth, beauty and health. Doctors report that dark circles or bags under the eyes are some of the most common concerns expressed by people with otherwise healthy skin. When a full night of sleep isn't enough to get rid of those annoying dark circles and puffy eyes, it's helpful to consider what might be causing them in the first place.

Reasons for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Fatigue and lack of sleep are not the only causes of discoloration under the eyes. Genetics are a big factor with dark circles under the eyes, as people with naturally thin skin or fair complexions can be more prone to the appearance of dark circles. Bags under the eyes can cast a shadow and create the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Seasonal allergies contribute to circles under the eyes by causing the blood vessels in the eye area to swell and cause discoloration. Dark circles can also appear under the eyes gradually as a natural part of aging, as the skin in the area begins to thin.

Why Bags Appear

Because the thinnest skin on the face is around the eyes, the eye area is very susceptible to swelling from fluids building up by drainage from colds, allergies or sinus infections. A salty meal or bout of crying can also cause you to wake up the next morning with bags under your eyes from the fluids gathering to the eye area.

Ways To Treat Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes

If dark circles and bags under the eyes are caused by swelling in the eye area, try using two pillows at night under your head to keep fluid from building up in the eye area. Applying a cold compress for five minutes in the morning can cause the blood vessels to constrict and reduce swelling in the area. If allergies are contributing to the problem, taking an antihistamine before bed can prevent swelling and dark circles in the eye area. If these steps don't take care of the problem, you can try a product containing ingredients with collagen building properties such as peptides. A great product to try is Intelligent Beauty Labs Firming Eye Cream. This cream contains a powerful combination of effective peptides as well as ceramide complexes which work together to reduce the appearance of dark circles, as well as tighten the skin under the eyes. Other ingredients in this rich formula include Grant-X to relax tension under the eyes and prevent wrinkles, Dermaxyl to firm and tighten the area under the eyes, and Haloxyl to reduce the appearance of dark circles. The addition of Ronasphere LDP adds light-diffusing properties for an instant brightening effect and the look of reduced fine lines and wrinkles. Eight out of ten participants in a clinical trial reported a reduction in the appearance of dark circles with this product, so it's definitely worth a look!

Intelligent Beauty Labs Firming Eye Cream is safe for all skin types and is available with free 1-3 day shipping.

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