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Man Boobs, Fatigue, Bad Sex — How Free Testosterone Can Help

Every man knows that healthy testosterone levels are essential for building muscle mass, boosting athletic endurance, increasing libido, and maintaining energy and vitality. Because testosterone levels start to decline around the age of 30, it's important to focus on the health benefits of boosting testosterone levels as you start to get older. Symptoms such as decreased energy, lower libido, problems with memory, unexplained depression or reduced physical performance can all signal decreases in testosterone levels

Testosterone – Its Vital Role

It's well known that testosterone plays an important part in muscle mass production and sexual health, but it also impacts other areas of the body, including bone density and red blood cell levels. If you're experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone, there are few different ways to boost your testosterone levels. One option is treatment with testosterone replacement therapy. Hormone therapy requires supervision by a physician in order to properly monitor your testosterone levels. There are also several strategies you can try to boost your testosterone naturally by stimulating your body to increase its own levels of free testosterone. Although declining testosterone levels can be discouraging, boosting testosterone levels naturally is a smart way to combat the symptoms without side effects. Incorporate these strategies into your lifestyle and you'll be soon be noticing the difference.

Take Control – Maintain a Healthy Weight

Excess weight can cause testosterone levels to drop, and losing the extra pounds can give a needed boost to testosterone levels. A healthy strategy for losing weight will include plenty of protein and healthy fats, which provide the crucial building blocks for hormone production. Replace unhealthy sugars and processed carbohydrates with fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide nutrients essential for overall health, but certain cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage have actually been shown in studies to boost testosterone levels.

Take Action with Strength Training

You may have noticed an increase in energy levels and libido after leaving the gym. Weight training is a great way to stimulate natural testosterone production. In order to boost testosterone levels significantly, intense strength training with heavier weights as well as fewer reps is more effective than other types of training.

Regain an Edge – Natural Testosterone Supplementation

Several ingredients have been shown to be effective in naturally boosting free testosterone levels. Fenugreek is an herb found in Asia and commonly used in Indian cooking. It has been shown in several studies to naturally boost testosterone levels and increase libido. Another effective and well-researched herb that has been proven effective in increasing testosterone is tribulis terrestris. Nugenix is a natural supplement that combines these ingredients with several other safe and effective natural ingredients including l-citrulline malate, zinc, vitamin b6 and vitamin b12. The key ingredient in this supplement, TESTOFEN, has been shown in clinical trials to be effective in increasing free testosterone levels, improving sexual performance, and maintaining muscle size. The company reports that its customers are reporting powerful benefits including increased energy levels, better stamina and increased libido.

Nugenix maintains the highest quality and safety standards and is available at GNC and other select retailers.

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